Hirosaki Exchange

With this program, various projects in which artists from or related to Hirosaki, and artists who breathe new life into the history and traditional culture of the region, are invited for creation, research, and interaction with the local community. Additionally, various public programs, such as talks, lectures, and workshops are also held. As implied by the word “exchange,” this project creates opportunities for different viewpoints – local and global, creators and community residents and viewers – to intersect, interact, and resonate. With this new approach we aim to bring about a rediscovery of the creative appeal of the region.

#05 "Narahiro"

The Hirosaki Exchange program focuses on artists, creators, researchers and others with Hirosaki connections, creating opportunities for the intersection and exchange of different viewpoints in projects designed to encourage a new approach to ideas around community, and rediscover delight in creativity. Hirosaki Exchange #05, running in tandem with “Hello, How Can We Do a Nara Yoshitomo Show?” researches and records local people’s recollections of the period via a range of participatory projects, including interviews with volunteers with a detailed knowledge of the three Nara exhibitions.
*“Narahiro” is the abbreviation for the Nara Yoshitomo exhibitions in Hirosaki used by volunteers at the time.

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