For Visitors

As a proactive measure to protect the health of the museum’s visitors and staff in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art has been postponed its grand opening and set up a pre-registration system from 1st June, 2020. Now the museum will grand open from 11th July, 2020. (No restrictions on admission, no pre-reservations required)


With this program, various projects in which artists from or related to Hirosaki, and artists who breathe new life into the history and traditional culture of the region, are invited for creation, research, and interaction with the local community. Additionally, various public programs, such as talks, lectures, and workshops are also held.
As implied by the word “exchange,” this project creates opportunities for different viewpoints – local and global, creators and community residents and viewers – to intersect, interact, and resonate. With this new approach we aim to bring about a rediscovery of the creative appeal of the region.

Contents, etc. may be subject to change. Please check the website, social media, etc. for up-to-date information.

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