Floor Guide

It is divided into the exhibition area with five small and large galleries where admission is charged, and an area accessible free of charge with studios for rental, a library etc.

Equipment and accessibility

  • Lending of wheelchairs and strollers

    Two wheelchairs and two baby strollers are available for rent.
    If you would like to use them, please inquire at the reception desk on the first floor.

  • Communication by writing

    Writing board for communication is available upon request.
    Please ask the staff if you would like to communicate by writing.

  • Eating and drinking forbidden

    Bringing food, drinks, or any eatable items including candy and gum is not allowed.

  • Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available in the museum.
    *The user must be responsible for own security settings during use. *The museum is not responsible for any damage caused by problems with communication equipment, cables or internet providers, transmitted viruses, unauthorized access, loss of information, or malfunctioning devices.

  • Parking lot for bicycle and motorcycle

    The parking lot for bicycle and motorcycle is located on the east side of the Yoshino-cho Park behind the public restroom.

  • Breastfeeding room

    The nursing room is intended for breastfeeding or diaper changing.
    This room is equipped with baby seats, diaper changing seats, breastfeeding chairs, and hot water for milk.
    Please contact the staff If you would like to use.

  • No Smoking

    Smoking is not allowed in the building. Open flames are strictly prohibited in the museum, cafe and shop, and Yoshino-cho Park.

  • Guide dogs, mobility support dogs and hearing dogs

    Bringing pets are not allowed except for guide dogs, mobility support dogs and hearing assistance dogs.

  • Ostomate-accessible restroom

    Ostomate-accessible restroom restrooms are located on the first and second floor.

  • Priority parking lot

    There are two spots for those who uses wheelchair or have difficulty walking located on the south side of Yoshino-cho Park.
    Please inquiry at the reception desk upon use.

  • AED (automated external defibrillator)

    AED is placed at the reception desk. This is a medical device that attempts to restart the heart movement by giving an electric shock when in cardiac arrest.

  • Coin-operated locker

    Coin-operated lockers are available. System: 100 yen coin is needed to use the locker. Coin will be returned.

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