Collection Acquisition Policy for the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art
The Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art forms its collection based on the following acquisition policies.

1. Resonance with the space that cherishes the building’s memory

- Works that resonate with the spatial and historical nature of the Brick Warehouse and can maximize the allure of the space

2. Serve as gateways to the world

- Outstanding works that represent contemporaneous art trends from both inside and outside of Japan
- Contemporary works that touch upon various issues and diverse values from all around the world
- Contemporary works brimming with surprise and discovery created from encounters with unfamiliar landscapes and people

3. Regionality

- Works that present new values rooted in the unique climate, history, folklore, and culture of the Hirosaki and Tsugaru region
- Outstanding works by contemporary artists related to Hirosaki and Tsugaru region, as well as pieces that have a deep and influential connection with such artists and their works

4. Nurturing people

- Contemporary works that contribute to the future of local children who will bear future responsibilities
Contemporary works that bring a rich, appreciative experience to local people, thus promoting dialog and communication

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