The museum logo, with several variations, is by graphic designer Hattori Kazunari.
A distinguishing characteristic of the logo is an “H” element, standing for Hirosaki, at the top that extends for the length of the name’s text. The “H,” which extends and contracts in accordance with text, indicates the axis of time, evoking the Brick Warehouse, which stores the memories of local residents, being transformed into an art museum and flourishing in the future. All or some of the letters ascend from left to right, conveying an image of moving around the museum, and also relating to movement of the heart and mind uplifted by encountering art.

HATTORI Kazunari [Graphic designer]

HATTORI Kazunari[Graphic designer]

Hattorif Kazunari was born in 1964. After working at advertising firm Light Publicity, he became a freelance graphic designer. Hattori’s portfolio includes advertisements for Kewpie Half, art direction for the magazines Ryuko Tsushin, Here and There, and Mayonaka, visual identity planning for the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo and Niigata City Art Museum, and artwork for the rock band Quruli. Honors include the Mainichi Design Prize, the Kamekura Yusaku Design Award, the ADC Award, and the TDC Grand Prix.

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