Mission of the museum

The museum will exhibit experimental art, and aim to be a dynamic cultural hub that shares
contemporary creative expression and sensibilities with the public and connects people to new
inspiration and ideas. With regard to organizing of special exhibitions and acquisition of works, the Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art will focus on the following three areas.

1. Works that interact with the architecture of the Brick Warehouse and stimulate new creativity

The museum aims to preserve the architectural memory and deliver new spatial experiences of the Brick Warehouse, a modern industrial heritage site.

2. Works that promote engagement with Hirosaki and the Tohoku region, and draw inspiration from its nature, history and narratives

The museum aims to develop new possibilities in the region and revive its history.

3. Works that open our eyes to present and future possibilities

The museum will explore new technologies, production methods, intercultural exchange, and changing forms of art.

Characteristics of the museum

― “To create artworks,” “To display artworks,” and “To store artworks and leave them on history”

We put importance on creation suited for architecture and local communities, and display completed works. We also store them. Through these processes, we develop a collection unique to Hirosaki.

― Different rhythms for display, and flexible use of space

In order to bring out the full potential of the brick warehouse, we use space freely and flexibly. Each work is displayed for different time period ranging from short-term to long-term, to constitute an annual program.

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