2020 Inaugural Program [Autumn/Winter Program]小沢剛 オールリターンズ —百年たったら帰っておいで 百年たてばその意味わかる

2020.10.10(SAT) ― 2021.3.21(SUN)
  • Chapter 5, The Return of S.T. 2020

    Chapter 5, The Return of S.T. 2020

  • The Return of Painter F (detail), 2015

    The Return of Painter F (detail), 2015

  • Chapter 1, The Return of K.T.O 2017

    Chapter 1, The Return of K.T.O 2017

  • Vegetable Weapon: Bream hot pot Jomon style / Aomori, 2007 ©Tsuyoshi Ozawa

    Vegetable Weapon: Bream hot pot Jomon style / Aomori, 2007 ©Tsuyoshi Ozawa

The internationally active contemporary artist Ozawa Tsuyoshi has produced numerous series including Jizo-ing, in which he photographed statues of the bodhisattva Jizo that he made himself in various environments, and Museum of Soy Sauce Art, which features classic masterworks of Japanese art recreated in soy sauce. In recent years he has been working on the Return series, which combines fact and fiction to build narratives about historical figures who were active on the world stage. This exhibition presents a new work in the Return series focusing on historical figure of the modern era related with Hirosaki, as well as works from the series thus far, as well as workshops and more, raising various questions about Hirosaki, the Tohoku region, Asia, the global and the local in the modern age.

The Return Series
Ozawa Tsuyoshi has been exhibiting works from this series since 2013. The works are theatrically styled installations composed of paintings, video, and music, blending fact and fiction, based on actual modern and contemporary figures. Thus far, he has collaborated with local artists from countries including Ghana, Indonesia and India on works focusing on Noguchi Hideyo, Fujita Tsuguharu, Okakura Tenshin and others. The new work scheduled for exhibition in Hirosaki will be the fifth in the series.

Guest Curator : MIKI Akiko


  • OZAWA Tsuyoshi

    OZAWA Tsuyoshi

    Born 1965 in Tokyo. Lives and works in Saitama. Ozawa Tsuyoshi produces works that keenly and humorously critique history and society in various media including painting, photography, video, installations, and workshops, and has earned high acclaim in Japan and overseas. He is the recipient of the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2019).


  • Date: 2020.10.10 (SAT) ― 2021.3.21 (SUN)
  • Organized by Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art

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