Where my art was born: Keep pedaling energetically and reach the highest point of a large arching bridge. There are train tracks directly below. Then descend, applying the brakes occasionally to halt your momentum. The descent is over in a moment. From there, continue on the big road. After a while fields and a gentle curve in the road come into view. Turn right at the traffic light before the curve. After a while, this road too begins to curve gently. You will come to a bridge over a river. Climb a short way and turn left, and you will find a small road along the river. From there, dismount and push the bicycle and walk. Go past a few trees, and you will see an overgrown croquet ground on your right. That is the place of art

2020.6.1 (MON) – 9.22 (TUE)
  • HAN Ishu, Where my art was born, 2020, Collection of the Artist©︎Ishu Han Photo: Naoya Hatakeyama

    HAN Ishu, Where my art was born, 2020, Collection of the Artist
    ©︎Ishu Han Photo: Naoya Hatakeyama

  • This time, in the Inaugural Program “Thank You Memory: From Cidre to Contemporary Art”, Han will present an exhibition entitled Where my art was born. He looks back over his work thus far and recalls memories of his days in Hirosaki.


  • HAN Ishu

    HAN Ishu

    Born 1987 in Shanghai, China. Lives and works in Tokyo. Han’s work deals with questions and conundrums arising from the relation of society and the individual, using his own body and everyday objects and employing various media including video, installation, photography, and painting, with sincerity and a humorous edge. Han, who lived in Hirosaki until graduating from high school, will re-exhibit his first work shown in Hirosaki and exhibit key subsequent works.

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